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obama's first hour. and senators durbin and bennett. >> let's get to the first reads of the morning. day two will be a little bit of a split screen showdown, as former president bill clinton versus the nfl. when bill clinton places the nomination, don't underestimate the big dog, clinton has had to compete for the nation's attention before. don't forget the infamous 1997 state of the union address on a split screen with the o.j. simpson verdict. anyone who wants to rise to the occasion and compete against something, bill clinton will likely be -- also on the program, massachusetts senate candidate elizabeth warren, planned parenthood's cecile richards. one more point about bill clinton's speech, anybody who thinks that this is going to be anything other than a full-fledged endorsement of president obama's policies has spent too much time reading the "washington post." democrats top republicans on their first night because it was simply a better run tv show. did ann romney and chris christie -- as question said then, taken together it was discourse that -- miopportunity rising from humble
] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>> as president obama switches plans to an indoor speech, bill clinton blows the roof off the joint in charlotte with a rousing rallying cry for democrats and a passionate plea for a second obama term. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside, but who burns for america on the inside. >> platform, poor form, a clumsy 24 hours of talk about god and jerusalem creates an awkward moment for the convention chairman and feels more fire from the right. will president obama try to close that loop on this tonight? florida florida florida, republican turned independent turned democrat? charlie crist ready to address his democratic faithful and the florida gop is too eager to remind the sunshine state of a few things he has said over the years. good morning from charlotte, actual charlotte hornet coming after us, thursday september 6th, 2012. i have governor purdue, patrick kennedy, ted kennedy jr., senators menendez, koouns, my first reads of the morning. two months from election day the president will accept his president's nomination and lay
. >>> message mayhem. mitt romney spends another week knocked off course, while president obama changes the change line. we'll talk with senior obama campaign advisor david axelrod about that. >>> plus, slew of new battleground polls confirm the president's lead, and it means we have a new battleground map. here's a hint. the toss-ups are narrowing and romney's path to 270 is as well. >>> lashing out over libya. after hedging for days, the white house is now calling the attack that killed the am an act of terrorism. was politics behind that delay? >>> and what would have happened if al gore had defeated george w. bush in the disputed election of 2000? would 9/11 have happened? would we have plunged into a recession? we're taking a deep dive into a fascinating alternate universe that jeff greenfield wrote about. >>> but we start with the normal course of events. good morning from washington. it is friday, september 21st, 2012. this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. >>> mitt romney's week started with a plan for new ads and a newly focused message. that plan quick le went out the wi
descend on charlotte to officially nominate president obama and vice president biden for a second term. but is their base as fired up as they were four years ago? democrats love that mitt romney had to spend his convention trying to improve his likability. well, this week, running mate paul ryan and slew of big named republican, many right here in charlotte, will try to put some dents in the president's own likability. >>> and with two moss to go until election day, are republicans trying to win this election, with the same, are you better off question? that ronald reagan rallied them around 32 years ago. more importantly, do democrats have a strong answer ready? by the way, the answer's changed in the last 24 hours. happy labor day. good morning from charlotte. no, your alarm clock didn't go off early. we're an hour earlier. it's monday, september 3, 2012. it's labor day. kicking awe, a few of you may it down here. that's nice. a giant lineup in the next two hours. jim clyburn, brian sweitzer, kay hagan among others will be here and in a few minutes we'll hear from the obama campaign
, this crisis turned political. on 9/11 no less. governor romney calls the u.s. response disgraceful, the obama campaign says they're shocked by his response. the mud slinging started before it was even kay break and before we knew how many u.s. officials had been killed. plus as president clinton stumps for president obama in florida, paul ryan releases new ads in his home state of wisconsin to keep his house seat. it's a busy day in political news, too. we'll try to cover it all. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, september 12th, this is the daily rundown. let's get to my first reads. a day that started with a campaign pause for sole almost remembrances on 9/11 endeded with violence abroad and mud slinging here at home. somebody and mitt romney were supposed to take a 24 hour break from campaign to go honest or the victims of 9/11 and pay tribute to american troops still fighting overseas particularly in afghanistan. but the truce didn't last long as a diplomatic crisis in north africa quickly turned political. the white house has confirmed this morning that u.s. ambassador to liby
class. >> on one hand, obama's idea, economic patriotism appears to be selling tax hikes on the wealthy, more government spending on infrastructure, also the centerpiece of a new tv ad that has the feel of a campaign closing argument. >> it is time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class. >> but don't let it escape you that this economic patriotism line is also an implicit hit on romney. we first hird it from ted strickland during his speech which was a rough one at the democratic convention. >> mitt has so little economic patriotism that even his money needs a passport. it summers on the beaches of the came and islands and winters on the slopes of the swiss alps. >> when it comes to next wednesday's debate, both are trying to prove their candidate will be the least articulate gap prone guy on stage. >> the president is an eloquent, gifted speaker, he will do just fine. >> mitt romney has an advantage, he has been through 20 debates in the primaries in the last year. >> barack obama is an effective debater.
, nine polls, nine leads for president obama ahead of the first debate next week. we breakdown the newest numbers facing the romney campaign in the battleground states. controversy in one of those key states, and where else but florida where allegations of voter registration fraud hit a company hired by the republican national committee. could it have happened in any other battleground? >>> and saying so long to the senate, jon kyl sits down for the latest installment in on-going conversations with senators that are saying farewell. see what he says about george w. bush and john mccain. this is "the daily rundown." i am chuck todd. let's get to the first reads of the morning. in the last two weeks, we polled in nine battleground states deciding the election. ohio, florida, virginia, colorado, iowa, wisconsin, north carolina, nevada, new hampshire. bad news for mitt romney, he doesn't lead in a single one. at best within the poll's margin of error. at worst, trails by eight points. this morning, how the nine states stack up. we said it again and again. the president's job approval rating m
. and it will be about two critical group. women and hispanics. can team obama not just keep the lead with each from shrinking in the weeks ahead but get that enthusiasm among both groups? a lot depends on how things go here. leading the charge this evening, the best saleswoman the president has, first lady michelle. expect mrs. obama to champion her husband's record, especially what he's done for women and working moms. and the other big speaker tonight. somebody you don't know yet but you will. san tan yoantonio mayor. the young latino from texas. from within and without the lone star state. from charlotte, tuesday, september 4, 2012. i'm chuck todd this is "the daily rundown." dnc vice chair is with us and my first reads of the morning. the democrats kick off their three-day convention tonight with their most direct appeal to two voting groups crucial to the president's re-election chances. women and latinos. preparing for her speech, mrs. obama arrived yesterday. she'll address delegates tonight and doing what she's been doing on the campaign trail for her husband. touting her husband's record o
hopes to make noise in ohio to stir up support in a key state. meanwhile, president obama hopes to hear the sound of violence. what he says about the mideast turmoil besides bumps in the roads will be worth watching. education nation. nbc news is hosting leaders from across the country for a forum on the future of our schools. we'll talk to castro about what's working in his town. and 12 years into the war in afghanistan, find out what the top u.s. commander has to say about that country's future. good morning. this is "the daily rundown". i'm chuck todd. we're just outside the education nation summit at the new york public library where msnbc news is playing host to leaders from around the country. this hour we're going to hear from the keynote speaker. but first. let's get to my first read of the morning. mitt romney will campaign more aggressively in battleground states this week than we've seen in a while. beginning today in colorado and then crisscrossing ohio on crucial bus tour. while the president tries everything he can do to let the united nations meeting come and go without m
reading on -- reads of the morning. president obama makes another trip to ohio. romney definitely needs to put ohio back in play. the president simile wants to put it away. >>> today romney is out with a straight-to-camera ad. the ad itself is a bit of an admission that the 478% comments have done serious damage and the attacks on his personal wealth are also sinking in. take a look at the ad. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class fami families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good-paying job. >> worth noting, that's his first candidate-to-camera ad. this morning the obama campaign have another ad out hitting on the 47% comment. this is what it looks like. >> when mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he attacked millions of hard-working people making $25,000, $35,000 a year $40,000 a year. romney paid just 14% last year on over $13 million in income
, mitt romney and president obama hit the same state for the third day in a row. today it's virginia. the president will speak at a rally at a virginia beach am amphitheater. as we told you yesterday, virginia is likely to be this year's florida or ohio. the state where returns will mostly resemble the national number. if you want to know how important virginia is to both campaigns, look at where they are buying their tv ads. four of the top ten most saturated tv markets in the country this week are all in virginia. roanoke lynchburg market, and now washington d.c. which of course reaches into northern virginia. three more of the top ten are in ohio. the president leads by five to eight points. today the romney campaign will focus on local issues hitting the president on defense cuts. it's clear the 47% issue is a drag on romney's campaign. he went out of his way at every stop yesterday to show a more compassionate side. >> i've been across this country. i think the president cares about the people of america. i care about the people in america but i know how to help the people of am
, it was an issue with barack obama four years ago. he had stumble after stumble for foreign policy. he's run for president twice and it's not been his problem. the white house and state department did scramble to explain the president's suggestion that egypt is no longer a u.s. ally. a statement that got criticism yesterday from none other than jimmy carter. >> we ought to reach out a hand of friendship and encouragement to the egyptians and let them proceed in forming their own government. >> state department spokeswoman victoria newland did her best to explain why the president downgraded status. >> for the president's comments i'm going to send you to the white house. as a matter of fact and practice the word allally" generally is d with a treaty ally, which the fact of the matter we have a close and london standing partnership with the government of egypt. >> of course under that definition is israel an ally. israel is a treaty ally. couple of other things on this, by the way. expect the bodies of ambassador stevens and everybody coming back to the united states, don't be surprised if yo
in headline, as the unemployment rate did fall to 8.1. new numbers come just hours after president obama makes his case for four more years. again, framing the fight as a choice election and urging undecided voters to stick with him to finish the job of rebuilding the economy. and while the president mostly played good cop, vice president biden brought the tough stuff for mitt romney. one of the most bruising bashingings of romney came from none other than john kerry. good morning from charlotte. it's friday, september 7th, 2012. this is t"the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we're about to pack up here on the last show before we all disappear from charlotte, but the jobs report just came out a few minutes ago. we'll have mark za di, our man, and later, get the the first reaction from the white house where the president's top adviser, alan krueger. we've got beau biden here, he'll talk about that speech, but let's get right to my first reads of the morning. let's talk about last night's speech. the president aides acknowledged the speech wasn't the president's most poetic or memorable, but even
-free zone a risky in its own way. failing to explain his own agenda mr. romney left an opening for mr. obama to define it instead. that criticism was echoed. >> he didn't mention the troop, thank the troops to their service, mentioned debt once, deaf ted twice. didn't mention the supreme court. in my view, a little narrow for a president's message. >> romney's senior adviser responded to the criticism sunday. >> governor romney traveled to indianapolis on wednesday and he gave a speech before the american legion. >> in that speech he talked about afghanistan. >> being the second convention on the calendar, has its advantages. this week the democrats will be able to directly rebut, if you will, the republican talking points that were most successful in tampa. giving them the last word in the run-up to the fall sprint. all this said, the romney campaign has reasons to feel good about the race. the combined amount of cash on hand romney and the rnc had at the end of july, $185.9 million. while the obama campaign outraised the romney campaign, democrats enter a crucial stage at a cash disadvanta
. >> trifecta. the third day in a row that president obama and mitt romney will shadow each other in the saat y itlun virginia. the old dominion went blue in 2008. was that an accident of injury? virginia is a check mate state when it comes to the romney path to 270. >>> mounting pressure and qutions face the obama administration ovethsaul inya that killed the u.s. ambassador. was the white house reluctant to declare it a terrorist attack because it happened on a 9/11 anniversary and the politics of the momentight have swallowed them up? >>> pushback inpennsyania. ted. laws violate anyone's rights. may not matter if a judge decides that the new rules simply can't work in time. good morning from washington. it's thursday, septemb 27th, 12. this is "e day ruow thelsf matching manhattan moments and duelling buckeye banjos in ohio, mitt romney a president obama hit the same state for the third day in a row. today it's virginia. the president will speak at a rally at a virgin beach am amphitheater. as we told you yesterday, virginia is likely to be this year's florida or ohio. the state where return
for president obama. >>> meanwhile, on the political front, mitt romney stands by his criticism of the obama administration's handling of the volatile situation in the middle east. those same conservative voices who were knocking on monday are singing romney's praises now. >>> also this morning, former florida governor charlie crist says the gop left him, now he's moving left to help president obama get re-elected. account ex-gov gin up some love in the sunshine state? >>> good morning from washington. it is thursday, september 13, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. >>> we begin with another tumultuous day in the middle east. is president obama dealing with a full fledged foreign policy crisis? sure looks like it this morning. froefts in the arab world linked to an amateur film denouncing islam fueling the demonstrations. hundreds stormed the u.s. embassy grounds in sanaa breaking through an outer perimeter, smashing windows of the security offices outside the embassy and burning cars. security guards tried to hold them off by firing into the air and protesters were unable to
. >> willie, it's way too early. >> hey, chuck. >>> quite the handoff there guys. thanks. president obama starts the first week following his nomination with a little bounce in his step and perhaps some bounce in the polls with the election less than two months away. what can mitt romney do to turn the tide. the first debate can't come soon enough for him. >>> and on the eve of the 9/11 anniversa anniversary, president obama is trumpeting his foreign policy successes while mitt romney warns iran is the president's biggest failure on his watch. >>> we'll take a deep dive into the real threats to national security. and a big test for chicago mayor and obama ally rahm emanuel. more than 400,000 students face no school today because they have no teachers after the city and the teachers' union failed to reach an agreement. >>> good morning from washington. i remember this place. it's monday, september 10th, 2012. this is "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. my monday first reads of the morning. with both conventions behind us, it's a 57-day sprint through nine battleground states. both campaigns q
around for our friend chuck todd. >>> poll position. president obama opens up a small but significant lead in our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. could overseas outbreaks of violence hurt his standing? >>> with more conservatives clamoring over the state of the romney campaign, what can the candidate do to push back and convince both the party opinion shapers and undecided voters that he can get this job done? >>> plus, are republicans on the ropes in indiana? in that senate race? richard murdoch's tea party power may be fading. the opposite might be happening for the gop in connecticut where linda mcmahon's stock is rising. >>> two races that suddenly could decide the balance of power in the senate. we're going to dig deep into that. good morning from washington. it is wednesday, september 19th. i think we're moving in on the last couple of days of summer "officially." >>> to our nbc news/without courage poll, our first national poll since the conventions where each candidate had had a goal -- the president to make the case that the economy is on the right track, and mitt romney
the prident's leadership abroad and his characterization. president obama will address the u.n. jen assembly. the president's fourth speech to the body. 18onth civil warnia a es of confrontational statements by none other than iran's president who declared monday that israel has no roots in the middle east. today's speech comes in the aftermath of the u.s. consulate ers.enhazi which kledour ihe president on libya, by the way, just one year ago. >> 42 years of tyranny was ended in six months, from tripoli to misrata and ben ghazi, today, libya is free. yestday,hede aew libya took their rightful place besides and this week, the united states is reopening our embassy in tripoli. >> that was one yr ago today. in his speech today, here is what we do know the president will say today, quote. we must aferm that our future will be determined by people like chris stevens. he recommit the united states to the values othe arab sprg ople ewh wgor s ,que, the freedom to detmine their destiny and we will see if he uses exactly that phrase. and also warn iran that although still time for diplomacy, te is n
of the tape. president obama's redistribution comments from the ''90s. get more context and find out what was left out and why it matters. >>> the bowles-simpson plan falls flat. today we'll hear from the bipartisan duo who still hope that they can get this passed. >>> check this out. it has been 60 years since richard nixon's checker speech. 37th president probably had more of an effect on campaign tactics than any other modern politician in the 20th century. that speech in particular is still echoing in presidential politics today. good morning from washington. it's thursday, september 20th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i think we can say this is the last day of summer. let's get to my first reads of the morning. moderate mitt romney was back yesterday. at a univision in florida, he distanced himself from remarks recorded in may when he said he can't win 47% of americans who are "dependent on the government." >> this is a campaign about the 100%. my campaign is about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them. i have a record. i demonstrated my cast to help the 100%. >> if y
hopeful? we will hear from both of them in minutes. >>> meanwhile, blocks away, president obama gets ready to address united nations over an hour from now. he is getting the low-key no news drop-by that his team was hoping for? he is getting heat making time for "the view" but not fellow leaders. a big time in missouri. if todd aiken exits the senate race he has to do it by 5:00 p.m. today. if not, it's on to november but the yemt battled congressman shows no sign of dropping out. good morning from new york. it's tuesday, september 25th, 2012. i'm chuck todd live outside of the new york public library, nbc's occasieducation nation su behind me. coming up, i will show you live pictures and monitoring and waiting for bill clinton to introduce mitt romney at his global giving conference and when that happens, we will take it to you live and give you a little bit of mitt romney's remarks. he is presenting an intriguing plan of a public private partnership when it comes to foreign aid. one that my guess is won't get taken out of a partisan lens but ought to win time -- when the time comes for i
calling half the country dependent obama voters in these things have legs, just ask the president. >>> plus with over 50 coalition troops killed by uniformed afghans this year alone, nato has taken the remarkable step. we have suspended joint operations. we are live in kabul. >>> and are donors being fooled by political phishing scams, how some websites are being used to divert money into their own covers it is tuesday, september 18, 2012 this is the daily run down, i'm chuck todd. 49 dies go my first reads of the morning. >>> rough ten days for mitt romney, the president gets a notable convention bounce a bad jobs report seemed to have no illinompact on the electorate. romney's response to libya and egypt, widely band. infighting in the the romney campaign goes public. now this a newly leaked video obtained by "mother jones" and later nbc news, shows romney at a florida fund-raiser in may. nbc news has learned it was secretly recorded at a $50,000 a plate fund-raiser at the boca raton home of private equity mogul mark later. take a look. >> the obama campaign immediate pounced. "
weeks ago went obama campaign officials and surrogates had a difficult time answering whether americans were better off now than four years ago? on the fourth anniversary of the collapse of lehman brothers, the obama campaign is up with an ad showing that hesitancy is gone. >> keep saying it. >> this president did:not tell us you are better off today than when he teak office. >> here we were in 2008. >> worst financial collapse in the nation. >> workers laid off. >> 30 months of private sector job growth p. >> want to go back to the same old policies that got us in trouble in the first place u. >> we are not going back. we are moving forward. >> using clinton in the speech, you get the sense that after the clinton speech, they decided they can make this argument. back to the plate cal process story that's driving the day, the romney campaign finger pointing. this basic question, how could someone campaign on managerial experience run a billion dollar enterprise something as basic as writing a convention speech is chaotic. joining me now debut cannon. let me start we know campaigning all
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)